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About Seamless Technology Group

About Seamless Technology Group

Co-founder David Dubroff has been operating a computer support business since 1996. One of his clients wanted to offer real-time statuses of production orders to its client base of buyers. As a result, David teamed up with co-founder Nathan Baker to form what would become Seamless Technology Group.

Our intention is to make not just one business, but any business more successful by way of using technology not only for simple tasks such as word processing but for more complex scenarios that involve the development of custom workflows in order to work smarter not harder... as we like to call it, becoming “seamless”.

Thank you for your interest in Seamless Technology Group.

Seamless Technology Group knows how frustrating it can be when something isn't working.

When you need a technical person to resolve your computer-related issues, think Seamless Technology Group.
Computers have been able to interact with other computers for several decades. Dedicated machines provide shared access to applications and files. Photocopiers convert paper documents into electronic files. Smartphones display information from the internet. Without networks, these things would not be possible.

When staying connected means being in business, think Seamless Technology Group.
The impact of computer failure to a business can vary from one business to another. In many cases, workflow stops when computers fail.

When you need to get back to business as usual, think Seamless Technology Group.
Implementing the right technology for your business begins with planning. Acquire the wrong technology and your business could be out of business before it was ever truly in business.

Find the right path to productivity and success for your business with Seamless Technology Group.
Email, E-mail, e-Mail or E-Mail....... no matter how you spell it, e-mail can be more than just a means to send and receive plain-text messages.

E-mails can have...

If doing more than "send" and "receive" will improve your bottom line, think Seamless Technology Group.
For various reasons, technology is susceptible to failures.

Being prepared means having...

For speedy recoveries that keep you going, think Seamless Technology Group.
Organized record-keeping of technical details pertaining to office equipment, workstations, servers and software can make the difference between being down for two days versus twenty minutes.

To have technical details documented for your business, think Seamless Technology Group.